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Victorian Watch Fob by Magnoli Clothiers

Victorian Watch Fob

$50.00 USD
Date Added: Tuesday 16 June, 2020
by Dylan R.
Got this months ago and kept meaning to leave a review for it--then, a couple weeks ago I finally started properly attaching fob watches to weigh the chains down in my vest pockets (rather than just clipping them to the pockets directly like the pleb I am), and within a day or two one of the clips just broke in my pocket. No clue how, just all of a sudden the lower bit of the clamp had broken off and I couldn't reattach it. A bit disheartening, but through some creative chain-knotting I managed to find a way to keep the broken end securely attached to the watch, so it's serving its purpose just fine for the time being. I'll likely end up buying a new one from here in the future.

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