Potter Glasses by Magnoli Clothiers

Potter Glasses

Date Added: Tuesday 02 April, 2019
by Daniel E.
I think they look quite good, however I think they came smaller and when I asked my doubts regarding the glasses I got no response and the item was shipped despite reading I was going to get my doubts answered before shipping. Perfect for children or small heads in my opinion but not so much for adults.
The glasses look really nice and are the most accurate I have seen to the ones being used in the Harry Potter movies, however I think quality can be improved since they are fragile, as an advice be careful when unpacking since the glasses come in a little bag which is open from both sides so they might fall if you are not aware of this detail.
The glasses are a great item for cosplay but I don't believe the attention and price/quality its fair, it's more expensive than it's worth with this situation I went through.

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