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2049 Coat by Magnoli Clothiers

2049 Coat

$495.00 USD
Date Added: Tuesday 20 March, 2018
by Gabriel L.
Just received my product yesterday March 19. Very pleased. Just wanted to break down how I feel about the whole process.
Quality: Amazing build. Real craftsmanship. (Made in india?)
Time: Mine arrived after 104 days from the date of the order. While it was worth it, it did take a long time. Don’t clock watch!
Sizing: This is my only gripe. How is one supposed to know their perfect size even from a good jacket already owned? I followed the vids online to measure as well as going to a professional taylor to get meaured. I used a slim fit jacket to base my measurements. However this coat is meant for winter so mine ended up being a bit tighter than I’d expected especially when wearing layers. Perhaps if you had sizes (S/M/L, etc) and custom sizes as both options.
Overall: Good choice of options and customization. Excellent quality and decent price. Worth it just think about layers when measuring so think a half size to a size up. Otherwise take a good fitting WINTER coat to base measurements off of.

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