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Time Long-Coat by Magnoli Clothiers

Time Long Coat (Ready Made)

$695.00 USD $395.00 USD
Date Added: Friday 17 July, 2020
by Liam W.
I bought the ready-made version of this coat back in April as a birthday present for myself, and boy do I love it! Having been eying it for years now, it feels so gratifying to finally have it hanging in my wardrobe.
The craftsmanship is exquisite, and Indy has perfected every last detail, from the soft texture of the faux suede (with a beautiful brown sheen, I might add) to the design of the interior lining.
At 6' 4", I stand a few inches taller than David Tennant, so when I first considered buying the coat, I was hesitant to go the ready-made route, as I was unclear whether or not it would be long enough to have the right "whoosh" effect. However, after some careful measuring of myself and other garments that I own (and a serious evaluation of my budget as a university student), I decided to go for the ready-made coat in a size large, which very closely matched my personal measurements.
I was pleasantly surprised at how well this coat actually fit me, considering I didn't order a tailor-made version.
The length is perfect at 58", coming down to just above my ankles.
The chest and shoulder widths are just big enough to fit over my suit jackets, but not too big so that it looks baggy.
The weight of the coat is actually much lighter than one might expect, but this contributes to the awesome and epic "whooshiness" that comes with the coat's style and natural flow. I took slow-motion videos of myself running around my neighborhood streets while wearing this coat for about a week after I received it! Hands down the most fun running I've ever done!
The value you get for the price is absolutely phenomenal. For just under $400, I now own not only a wonderfully detailed and accurate costume piece, but a fully functioning, high quality, and classy looking overcoat that goes with just about any regular suit. Rest assured that once this pandemic is over, I will be debuting this masterpiece at my next visit to the symphony!
This coat will make you feel epic. If you are the right body type and you're measurements are a match, then I'd suggest buying one of the ready-made versions if you're looking to save some money. However, seeing how well this coat is made and how much care and attention was put into my ready-made version, I have no doubt that if you should require a tailored coat, Indy will knock it out of the park.
Thank you Magnoli Clothiers for creating such a wonderful, versatile, and inspiring product!

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