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Scaley Vest by Magnoli Clothiers

Scaley Vest

$215.00 USD
Date Added: Wednesday 23 September, 2020
by Kelvin N.
Great product. After going through the previous reviews, and some extra research on my part, I had a lengthy check list I provided to make sure the waistcoat was as screen accurate to my liking. Magnoli was able to achieve about 90% of these requests! The dark lavender is indeed the correct SA fabric, and I asked for white lining and a dark purple back. They were unable to fetch the specific fabric types (linen for the back and camel hair on the inside), but it was an optional ask on my part and they seem to have done the best they could at getting the colors I had asked for. I also asked for the shirt to be somewhat less low gorge, but I actually don't think this is necessary as this change alongside rounding off the top edge of the waistcoat made the it not low gorge enough now. So really, just ask for the top of where your buttons meet to be rounded off. One other thing you should be aware about is the pocket welts are sewn flat when they should be at an angle. As far as the build and construction, it's nothing short of fantastic.

So, all in all, this isn't the most screen accurate waistcoat you can get on the market, but for what it is, it's pretty fantastic.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]