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Mando Jumpsuit by Magnoli Clothiers

Mando Outfit

$390.00 USD
Date Added: Friday 08 April, 2022
by Anthony S.
I’m pleased with the jumpsuit upon receiving it. The measurements feel spot on.

The fit of the pants is great; the high waist and elastic back make for good comfort. The leg openings aren’t tight, which is good; the pants can be worn over boots.

The top is comfortable because of the tailored fit. The fabric has no give, since it’ll need to hold armor, so it definitely helps that it’s made to measure.

Getting into the top alone is practically impossible because of the rear zipper. I will be getting a zipper put on the front.

The neck seal is loose and doesn’t want to stay up, so I’ll see what I can do about adding some rigidity to it. However, the looseness is nice for airflow.

The vest is very nice, and thick. I plan to mount heavy steel front and back armor to it, and I feel confident that the fabric will hold the material with washers reinforcing the snaps that I will add.

Like the top, getting the vest on alone is practically impossible. In my case, I’ll just be wearing the vest backward, as the shape is identical from front to back. That, or I may have a zipper added to the front.

The cape is very nice. Getting the correct placement when putting it on and figuring out which snaps go where was a bit confusing, but I trust that it was planned out when the cape was assembled.

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