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DL-44 Gunbelt by Magnoli Clothiers

DL-44 Gunbelt

$285.00 USD

This classic blaster rig is hand made from heavy duty full-grain leather, all metal custom-made hardware and can be purchased with the option greeblies to complete this high quality reproduction.

  • All buckles and hooks have the same design and function as the original pieces.
  • Pouches are hand-sewn to keep the internal stitches hidden
  • Snaps are irregularly placed just like the original.
  • All hardware and greeblies are custom machined from steel, aluminum and brass to mimic the original props. Optional greeblie package includes:
    • Droid Caller
    • Two relay boxes
    • Green cartridge
    • See here if you wish to order just the Greeblies. 

Note: When providing the belt size, make sure to measure the full circumference at the point you want to wear the belt (which is generally lower than your pants waistband), at the top of the hips. This should be measured directly off the body, on top of the pants to be worn with this gunbelt.

Estimated Turnaround time is 3-4 months. 
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Gunbelt Size:
DL-44 Gunbelt