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We stock three main leathers for our jackets, coats and vests:

Lambskin is soft and supple, the lightest and most luxurious of our leathers. It is suited for fashion garments and city-wear.

Goatskin is a medium weight leather and very strong. It is a comfortable leather, but extremely tough and can take abuse well.

Cowhide is the thickest of our leathers, with a clear grain. It is a durable leather and best suited for those who want a heavier jacket.

Both lambskin and goatskin are available in suede finish. We also offer all of our leathers in a distressed finish. This is achieved by applying chemicals to the finished jacket by hand, which does not affect the longevity of the garment.

We can also specially order exotic hides such as alligator, crocodile and snake skins by request.