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Mando Gunbelt Bandolier by Magnoli Clothiers

Mando Gunbelt (Pre-Order)

$595.00 USD $535.50 USD

Completely hand-made from heavy-duty leather including custom buckles, machined greeblies, functional pouches and a custom-fitted holster, this gunbelt has everything you need to complete your outfit.

Includes the following pieces:

  • Full waist belt:
    • Stainless steel plate over a heavy-duty plastic quick-release buckle
    • Functional pouch with brass hardware
    • Seven cartridge loops
    • Aluminum back plate with snapped leather loop
    • Stainless steel breech charge holder with three magnetic breech charges
  • Shoulder bandolier:
    • Six cartridge loops
    • Steel plate for rifle strap attachment
    • Two leather pouches
    • Adjustable velcro overlap
  • Rifle sling:
    • Custom steel buckle with strong magnet
    • Adjustable slider buckle
  • Holster:
    • Custom fitted for standard IB-94 blaster pistol
  • Eight machined aluminum cartridges

When ordering, please include an accurate finished belt circumference. This should be measured ON TOP of the clothing you intend to wear this over.

If Pre ordered, you get a 10% discount!



  1. Prototype belt is shown. Final product may vary slightly from images shown. 
  2. Pre orders can be cancelled before the final charge but the deposit is non refundable. 


Gunbelt Size:
Mando Gunbelt (Pre-Order)