November 2019 Promotion
November 2019 Promotion

Set thirty-seven years in the future, the original Blade Runner film takes place in November of 2019. To celebrate, we're running a sale and photo competition throughout the entire month.

15% off all Deckard & K items!

Prices are automatically discounted for all of November.


To enter the competition, simply e-mail your photo to

FIRST PRIZE: Complete Deckard Wallet Prop Replica, including leather wallet, four PVC ID cards, replica cash

SECOND PRIZE: Winners choice of Deckard Tie or Voight-Kampff Tie




1) Entry must contain at least one Magnoli Clothiers Deckard or 2049 clothing item.

2) Entry must be high resolution (1000 pixels on smallest side), uncompressed JPG images.

3) Images may be photoshopped to change the background, enhance ambiance, or otherwise color correct as long as the items shown are not changed in any substantial way.

4) Multiple entries are permitted.

5) Entries may be rejected on the basis of quality, size or content deemed inappropriate by the judges.

6) Entries will be accepted through 1st December (New Zealand Daylight Time).

7) Winners will be announced on our Facebook page, Instagram feed and via e-mail no later than the 6th of December.