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Made to measure Turnaround times
Made to Measure Turnaround times
Made to measure Items Estimated turnaround times
Suits 4 months
Overcoats 3 months
Frock Coats 3 months
Leather Jackets 3 months
Casual Jackets 2-3 months
Suit Jackets/Blazers 4 months
Dress Shirts 3 months
Custom Print Items 4-5 months
Polo / Henleys / T-shirts 3 months
Vests 3 months
Pants 3 months
Capes/ Uniforms/ Robes 5 months
Boots/ Shoes 3-4 months
Custom Commissioned Items 4-6 months
WL Jackets/ Coats/ Vests 5 months
Paranormal items, Boilersuit 6 months
Mando, Boba Outfits 5 months

Note: These production timeframes start from when we receive your final measurements.  

Note: We are aiming to bring down our Turnaround times to 2-3 months for all items. But due to various problems (e.g. global supply chain issues), these current timeframes are the best we can do at this time. We do thank you for your continued patience and support through this challenging period. 

If you ordered with a payment plan the timeframe may take longer if there are delays with paying it off. See here for more info on payment plans. 

Please click here to understand how the process for “made to measure” items works.