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MacLeod Trenchcoat by Magnoli Clothiers

MacLeod Trenchcoat

$799.84 AUD
Date Added: Friday 28 April, 2023
by Peyton S.
There can be ONLY ONE. Fitting words considering that no other coat like this has existed before or since. While many trench coats and frock overcoats might have a similar design, this particular coat was custom made for the movie.

-Jacket style notch lapels,
-Double breasted with a single bottom button closure,
-Border stitching,
-Seam going down the middle of the back,
-Wide cuff opening,
-Shoulder epaulets,
-Light beige 100% cotton fabric, n
-No rain flaps in the front or back, giving a streamlined appearance.
- The coat itself is durable for the rain, but made of a lightweight cotton that flows and moves like a cape.

If it sounds like I know every inch of this coat, it's because I do. I have been on the hunt for this coat for many years ever since I first saw the movie. I ordered this as a custom piece (originally not listed), and the pictures you see for this on the website are of the actual coat Magnoli Clothiers made for me. Magnoli clothiers went above and beyond in bringing this coat to life, from going over screenshots from the film, to pictures of the screen used garment on display at other movie memorabilia sites, to helping me with the measurements so it will fit perfectly. Truly a professional team that takes pride in their work.

This was the first garment I've ordered from Magnoli Clothiers, and it most definitely won't be the last. I'd give them 10 stars if I could. Finally getting this coat and putting it on was A kind Of Magic.

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