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Paranormal Jumpsuit by Magnoli Clothiers

Paranormal Jumpsuit

$425.91 NZD
Date Added: Thursday 25 March, 2021
by Mike W.
I'm simply blown away by the quality and craftsmanship of this jumpsuit! The fabric is perfect, both in color and texture, and is a dead-ringer for the material used in the original 1984 flight suits. (I bought the v1 version, but I'm sure I'll be purchasing more) The attention to detail in patterning out the pockets, hook and loop straps, zippers and more is something you don't usually see these days. The fit is just what I was looking for, even though I'd ordered early using standard jumpsuit sizing. Major kudos in Magnoli Clothiers for this one... you've definitely earned a repeat customer on this one!

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