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Genuine MkVII Gas Mask Bag

Genuine MkVII Gas Mask Bag


These genuine 1940s era gas mask bags were produced by various companies for use by the British Army during World War II, but never issued. We have a limited amount of these, all in excellent condition, complete with their original strap and side strings. These vary in date range from the early 1940s, and have the manufacturer stamp on the inside of the flap.

We have a limited supply of Waring & Gilbow Ltd. made bags (stamped as W&G Ltd), the same maker as the bags used in the Indiana Jones films. You can request one of these, otherwise another, randomly selected, manufacturer bag will be sent. Besides the stamp on the inside flap, all bags are the same style.

  • Measures 11" square and 3" wide
  • Note: Since these are genuine vintage bags, there may be slight staining to the canvas and/or natural patina on the metal hardware. There will also be color variation from one bag to the next.
Strap Color:
Genuine MkVII Gas Mask Bag