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Galactic Aloha Shirt by Magnoli Clothiers

Galactic Aloha Shirt

$317.95 NZD

These made-to-measure printed shirts can be fully customized using any of our Galactic shirt patterns including:

  • Smuggler Shirt (with short or long sleeves, with contrasting bib color)
  • Dameron, Poe or Solo Shirt (with short or roll-up long sleeves)
  • Combination of the above styles, or a unique style (just e-mail us!)

Any print design is possible, but shown here are a few options:

  • Porgs and rocks (green, red, gold or blue; but any color possible)
  • Bamboo leaves with Imperial lights
  • Dual suns and gliders

The possibilities are endless, so e-mail us with your ideas and we can design a one-of-a-kind shirt just for you! The more complex the design the higher the custom details level. 

Custom Details:
Note: This product requires measurements. You will be contacted shortly after your order is placed to discuss measurements and any other details of your order.
Galactic Aloha Shirt